Our Team

At Superette, we know that making good work stems
from keeping good company.

We each bring with us experiences and backgrounds that
shape the work we do and reflect the communities we serve.

Our studio is on a mission to bring world-class creative to
DoorDash and the industry — and have fun while we’re at it.

Mariota Essery Executive Creative DirectorOur fearless leader!

Eli Velez Managing Director

Shannon Duncan Senior Operations Lead

Chris Allick Creative Director

Erin Woolf Senior Writer

Rachel Dady Senior Copy Lead

Eric Arline Lead Copywriter

Mollie Solon Senior Project Manager

Jen Brown Senior Copywriter

Emery Barnes Brand Supervisor

Matteo Catanese Creative Lead

William de Ryk Business Lead

Julio Sotomator Senior Designer

Alissa Sheely Business Lead

Julio D’Alfonso Creative Director

Trina Sethi Business Lead

Flávio Cherem Senior Copywriter

Amy Lee Brand Designer

Rafael Segri Creative Director

Jeremy Lewis Producer

Colin Frawley Senior Copywriter

Daisy Farber Project Manager

Arika Jeter Brand Supervisor

Sarah Saltonstall Senior Art Director

Adriel Teles Design Director

Eva Edgren Senior Brand Designer