DashMart DisPlay

The Picky Claw showed New Yorkers that DashMart always over delivers — on fresh, quality produce, and a great customer experience.

The Story

DashMart is a new type of neighborhood grocery store brought to you by DoorDash. Since New York City shoppers are selective, we needed a way to make DashMart standout in the crowded grocery store space. To show that DashMart’s customer experience takes the cake, we teamed up with VTProDesign to create “The Picky Claw,” a ridiculously delightful arcade-style claw game where everyone’s a winner.

The Installation

The 10-day installation in SoHo was a magnet for NYC locals and influencers. Even with its hours-long line around the block, every day thousands of locals were delighted by theDashMart experience.


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